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Schenectady, NY
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"Unique, intriguing and dramatic as it leads to a heart breaking conclusion. One of America's greatest miscarriages of justice!"
Millard Farmer
Death Row Attorney
Atlanta, GA
*Mr. Farmer was Louisiana Death Row inmate Patrick Sonnier's appellate attorney. Sean Penn portrayed Mr. Sonnier in Dead Man Walking.
"A must see for every Christian who has an opinion about capital punishment."
Bishop Emeritus Leroy Matthieson
"This film should be required viewing for every high school and college student in America."
Bonita Gunden
United States Public Defender
"A perfect example of how lazy lawyers, crooked politicians and asinine laws caused the system to fail. In Garrett's case, the match got thrown early on. His own lawyers threw the case!"
Jeff Blackburn
Texas Director,
The Innocence Project
"Had I known then what I know now I never would have voted to convict the boy. He'd still be alive today. We trusted in the doctors and the lawyers and the system. Unfortunately, we trusted too much."
Nathan Shackleford
Juror #12